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True Carnage Chapter One: The Upbringing

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True Carnage Chapter One: The Upbringing

Post by James on 25/10/2010, 6:10 am

No person is born evil and no person dies evil. In a world of over 8 billion people, very few have the chance to make a difference, and even fewer take that chance, but the people who have the strength to take that chance find themselves in the middle of the pure, making a choice that is impure. Too bad Cletus Kasady didn't read the memo.
Then again, the evil started long before he could read.

The year is 1986, Harold Kasady is waiting outside his wife's hospital room, where she is in intense labour. The baby is nearly a month early, and the doctors fear it may result in birth defects, or just the child being a fast learner. Harold feared for the worst, while Amy, the wife, was just praying that she could be a good mother. She forgot to ask God for a normal child though. It is 3 AM, and Harold is tired, yet restless, he gets up to buy a soda, he was gonna need the sugar, but the moment he stood, Amy's moans grew louder, and became shrieks of agony. He ran for the receptionist's counter.
"My wife's giving birth!" he was screaming now too.
Putting unnecessary details aside, their baby boy was born, as normal-seeming as can be. But that will change soon enough.

Weeks later, Harold and Amy's daily routine was to wake up after a night of Cletus's constant wails, only to be abused by an infant. It seemed if there could be any possible way to hurt himself and cause his parents grief, he'd do it. Day in and day out, Cletus found a way to drive his parents one more step to either suicide or disowning him, but they both had too strong of a conscience to do so. Harold and Amy were both sure that all Cletus needed was space to grow, and when he did, an outlet for his energy. But no, the infant-induced abuse lasted until Cletus was about 6 months old, where he found an alternative to his behavior. At night, he slept soundly, during the day, his energy was depleted from crawling around and breaking everything within his reach, which then he slept like a dog, until he could do it all over again. Harold was back at work now, leaving Amy with the extremity that was her child. Amy used to get so stressed, that at times, she would lock Cletus in the cellar until he fell asleep. It pained her to do so, but it was the only thing she looked forward to each day.

By the time Cletus was three, he could find a new way to tell his mother how much the world didn't need her daily, and had a nice collection of brutally-abused toys who looked like torture victims. Amy returned to her job, seeing it as another way to hide from her "challenged child", and her mother took care of him. Cletus despised her, she had experience with kids, and "wouldn't take his bullcrap". She would punish Cletus horribly, and gave him a taste of his own medicine by verbally abusing him back.

"Grandma, why is your daughter such a whore?" He once asked, with a hint of what sounded like manipulative genius in his voice.
She glared at Cletus with rage, "Don't you dare talk about your mother like that or I'll make sure you can't talk again you ingrate!"

She went on to try to say more, but Cletus had already taken the liberty of pushing her down the steep, cedar stairs. He sat on the bottom step waiting by her, and heard the sound of Harold's car in the driveway, he calmly smashed his head against the wall, and made himself cry, which was enough to mask the fact that he had just murdered his own grandmother in pure spite of her.

Harold walked in, and had a near heart attack at the site before him.
Cletus sniffled, "Grandma had accident".

Harold bought it instantly, he called the ambulance, and had a quiet supper with Cletus and Amy, where out of the blue, Amy got the idea of getting a dog. Cletus made it seemed like her truly loved his grandma, and Amy never got a complaint from her, so it seemed viable, she figured that Cletus only behaved because he was attached to something, an "outlet" for his energy, in a way. She would be able to quit her job and return home, thus lowering her stress level again.

Three months later, Amy was as happy as can be, beaming about her plan with with the dog, Cletus had been behaving perfectly ever since she bought the Beagle puppy named Sam. Sam was a perfect dog, she loved to play with Cletus, and Cletus returned that affection. Life was perfect for nearly another year, and Cletus started to get bored of Sam, and returned to his youth-violence. Amy was getting extremely stressed again, and started showing signs of suicide, Harold was still unaware.

On the anniversary of Cletus' Grandma's death, Amy had woken up as normal, and headed for the shower, she undressed as normal, opened the shower door, and fainted. Sam was in the shower, missing all her teeth, her paws, and her ears. Her throat was slashed and she was hanging by her tail, behind her were the words "I liked the cellar better" written in blood.

Cletus was ecstatic when he heard his mother faint, and went to go see how good of a job she did, he ran out of his room and started going up the stairs, he reached the top to find his mother there, her face bright red, all unconditional love gone, and she was on a rampage.
"You little bastard!" was the only thing she said before she grabbed a lamp and threw it at Cletus, hitting him square in the face, which resulted in him taking a step back and falling down the very stairs he pushed his own grandmother down.


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Re: True Carnage Chapter One: The Upbringing

Post by Mezkiel on 25/10/2010, 1:32 pm

Uh...when did we become a book forum?
sick story!
i would probably definitely maybe sorta kinda ish buy it Very Happy

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